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The Internet reached mass-adoption in the 90s, also called the web1 era, where you could find information. This is also the era where eBay came into existence as a trading platform in 1995.

In 2005 social media platforms appeared, also called the web2 era. With Facebook as one of the biggest and followed by Instagram etc. This era furthermore provided companies with the possibility to track and follow customer behaviour.

In 2020, you can as an internet user gain ownership of digital objects on the internet, also called the web3 era. Companies such as Lego, LVMH, Porsche, Nike, Adidas have invested several millions and resources in this already. Universities are creating educational courses for the web3 era. Countries such as Denmark have set up a working group for web3 via the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

The third generation of the Internet is here to stay. This is just the beginning and you have every chance to be part of web3 and its possibilities.

When you enter web3, many will tend to get started without having a plan for this. It is similar to going on a football field where your amateur team without experience has to face a professional team like FC. Barcelona. The result of that match will be a significant defeat for you with the amateur team.

Therefore, in web3, just like in football, you have to practice building up knowledge and quality before you go out and play against your competitors.

We at METAWEB recommend that you create an overall web3 strategy. The route must reflect the company’s goals and plans as well as suit the development in the web3 space.