The idea and inspiration behind METAWEB

As a true Web3, NFT and Crypto geek, it has become my personal mission and ultimately METAWEB’s to leverage the vast commercial opportunities of Web3 in an informal, transparent and relevant manner for each client we work with.

History truly is repeating itself, and we see Web3 technology challenging the way businesses operate and build web strategies, just like today’s Web2 did back in 2002.

With everything new comes a big challenge in lifting knowledge and awareness around the Web3 space and we take this very seriously.
This is why we offer to educate, consult and build tech solutions within Web3. Everything starts with building a solid foundation of knowledge for any business to leverage the opportunities effectively. 

The future of the Internet, Web3 is here, and me and my team of equal-minded entrepreneurs, investors and tech engineers are here to guide you to succeed with Web3.


Best regards,
Lasse Frederik Pedersen